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Advertising in today’s marketing environment with the ever increasing use of social media and other outlets, enables consumers with a plethora of options. The need to be precise and attention grabbing is critical in advertising and promotion. Here are several reasons your partnership with PaperNet Design Agency & Advertising is a wise choice for promoting brand recognition and increasing sales revenues.


We are in this together. An informal discussion of ideas, thoughts, and information sharing will result in a meaningful plan.

Develop the Plan

Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Our 37 years of experience in your market means success.


From initial concept to final design. Our ads brand your product or service and grab the attention of your market.

Monitor Results

We have the tools your business needs to monitor results, review and make changes if needed.

Strategic Traffic and Usage Monitoring

Paper Net Advertising continually monitors our local area consumer trends, buying habits and demographics. We share this information with you as part of our relationship. Your coupon advertising works for YOU.

Paper Net Coupon Advertising Monitors Results

Market Research

Once you entrusts your advertising to us, we launch our ad process.

Descriptive Methods

Branding your product or service instant impact.

Target Audience

Once the initial meeting is carried out, we quickly identify your target audience.

Planning Strategy

Choosing a suitable planning strategy, we strike a balance between budget and results.

Questionnaire Results

This plays a significant role in developing a long term results oriented marketing strategy.

Consumer Surveys

We undertake many types of surveys to gather consumer data to ensure long term success.

Statistical Consumer Analysis

Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Predictions

The advent of the internet and more recently the growth of Social Media has revolutionized the way consumers research and purchase products or services.

  • Internet Growth
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Technology
  • Purchase Patterns
  • Demographic Mining
  • Usage Tracking
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