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This is where Paper Net’s style of advertising stands out in the marketplace. Our strategically targeted advertising positions your brand at the consumer’s fingertips with their convenience in mind. Paper Net Ads are there when we have their full attention.

Paper Net is #1 in direct mail distribution and doesn’t just ‘leave a stack.’ When we say ‘distribute’ we are giving you unparalleled direct mail capabilities that place your advertisement directly in the hands of your target customers. And, our advertisers can monitor return on investment (ROI) with track-able data. We are the dominant medium in our market, with superior coverage and consumer call to action.

Paper Net Magazines Ocala
Consumers view paper magazines at their leisure and will reread glossy coupon magazine advertisements multiple times. This effects memory retention, absorption, and increases BRAND Awareness. The RESULT? Your potential clients chances of remembering your product, service and brand have been multiplied several times when the time comes to make that purchase and buy.

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