The Ocala Paper Net

From our beginning the main focus has been to help our customers grow their business and we have successfully been doing just that since 1983. Our Ocala publication is a must have for both customers and consumers. Advertising creates awareness and credibility, direct mail puts that advertising directly into the hands of the consumer.

* Distributes 80,000 copies per issue with proof of mailing
* Saturates up to five miles surrounding your business
* Only publication that mails to virtually every home in the surrounding area, with  an average income of $49K/yr.
* Targeted mailing to consumers with purchasing power
* Extended shelf life of 30-45 days
* Full color and glossy publication, with no additional charge to design your ad and you can change it every issue

The Ocala Paper Net distribution area
The Ocala area has a very diverse demographic and Paper Net has spent the past 32 years perfecting the art of direct mail and advertising. You can rest assured that your ad is getting to the demographics that fuel your business. Let’s get your phone to ring and your door to swing!!

Please feel free to contact us today! The Paper Net is located in Ocala, Florida. For more information call us today at 352-620-9152.

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